Daily Blog 17: Deon Wong


Kia orana tatou katoatoa, ite aroa maata o te Atua

Toku ingoa ko D tane, no roto mai ite au iwi Ngati Kahungunu ki Heretaunga ko Ngati Raukawa I Nu tireni.

2215 – Thursday night – I rise from my slumber and head on deck. She pushes forward into the darkness, the helmsman guided by the North Star popping out then disappearing behind dark menacing-looking balls of cotton wool. The moon shines periodically to give another point of reference behind the starboard navigator’s seat.

0001 to 0300 watch is on.

0900 to 1200 second shift for the day.

A light grey/white hue off to the NE quadrant greets me. For the second watch of the morning, whipped up by the thousands of white horses racing from horizon to horizon; she’s a great sailing day. Almost joyous as the crew takes turns to dance with Mama across the seven different swells, almost as if we’re floating. (Beep!)one hits you in the ribcage bringing more water on deck to run down Papa Steak’s stairwell.

Deon Wong and Son

The galley is a buzz with Mets taking the lead on prepping your lunch (fish cakes and noodles) with the mandatory can of corned beef ever present.

1800 to 2100.

Work in a few hours. Third and final shift for the day.

Take one day at a time and live life in this moment. You will not get it back, for it will be over and land-life tightens her grip once again.

Po manea, D


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