Monday, July 6, 2020

TAKITUMU means “the burden is removed.” It is the name that TANGIIA, chief of Rarotonga, gave his canoe after his victory over his brother TUTAPU, some six hundred years ago.

The new TAKITUMU has been built of laminated wood, modeled after the first TAKITUMU; its hulls are asymmetrical, its rigging is that of the Fijian NARUA, and its binnacle is of standard make. A gift to the MAIRE NUI in Rarotonga in 1992, the TAKITUMU has since made a round-trip voyage to the Society Islands, in 1993.

Length of the big hull: 53′ / Length of the small hull: 49′ / Displacement: 7 to 8 tons, laden / Draft: 2′ 3″ / Crew: 10