Monday, July 6, 2020

Sir Thomas Davis built the first Vaka Moana “Te Au O Tonga“ in 1994 in Rarotonga/Cook Islands, TE ‘AU O TONGA means “the mist of the South,” the name of the canoe of Karika, a Samoan chief who settled on Rarotonga about six centuries ago, during the Tangiian epoch.

Made of laminated, while respecting the original model of the TIPAERUA, it has hulls of equal length, which end at the bow in decorated vertical extensions, and take the form of horizontal planks at the stern.

About one hundred persons united their efforts in moving the two hulls of this canoe from the TAKUVAINE Valley to the beach in order to assemble them. In a rare turn of events, a thick fog enveloped the entire island on this day. According to the sages, the canoe thus received the blessings of the TUPUNA.

Length of hulls: 72′ / Displacement: 10 to 12 tons after lading / Draft: 2’1″ / Crew:  18

Te Au O Tonga