Vaka Rangi Crew

Funny story, Lorne visited the vaka a few days before Rangi left. He was extremely interested in sailing on a traditional canoe and asked if he could join in. He was told to come to the vaka, Marumaru Atua the following Saturday because we had a working bee as Crew Rangi was leaving Monday so if he wanted to see them depart to come down then also. On the morning of departure, Lorne was chatting to a couple of crew who had mentioned to him that two spots were available due to crew pulling out that morning.
He was super keen to get on board so it was suggested he ask Cap if he could go, and he did! Cap said to him that he had completed customs and immigration clearance, but if he could get himself cleared and packed by 11am, he could go with them. While he was gone the crew realised they didn’t even know his name, so he was given the nickname “Beaver” as all we knew was that he was from Canada and he was very “eager”. Two hours later he arrived in a cloud of dust, literally jumped off his motorbike, grabbed his bags and jumped on board. He had cleared himself at customs and bought a one way ticket out of New Zealand back to Canada. After packing his bags he left his wife to continue their holiday without him. Lorne is living the dream; absolutely no regrets!