Blog 10 – Suwarrow Voyage – Te Ipukarea Society – Rat Baiting Programme

We are now about to enjoy our last sunset meal, without anyone needing to sub out on the oe, or be ready to adjust the sails at any given moment. Our time here has been one for the books, and everyone will return with many different stories of both land, and water ventures.
It is getting to the point though, that we are ready to set sail again, and greet whatever challenges and experiences lay ahead. Hopefully, the rat eradication team return tomorrow, with success stories of the traps doing their job at this point, and the bait will be a whole other journey stern anchor.
Today was enjoyed with a light cereal breakfast, crew brief regarding our movements moving forward, and full pack down of all the loose bits and bobs that have somehow made their way across the deck. The vaka is mostly ready, with the food provisions for the trip, organized securely in the deck box, so we don’t eat our way through everything while we wait.
This afternoon, some of the crew headed to land, for a final walk around Anchorage Island, and pack down of the basketball net that provided lots of entertainment to those that were well and able. The young ones then went for a final team swim, enjoying both the chillness of the experience, as well as the thrilling thought that today, out of all days, a shark might do something more than just cruise past.
They were blessed with the sight of a manta ray, which left them feeling all kinds of blessed and happy.
Feeling very very lucky to have had the opportunity, and time we have spent here in Suwarrow

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