Blog 8 – Suwarrow Voyage – Te Ipukarea Society – Rat Baiting Programme



Today is Sunday, which means rest day for the crew on watch, as well as those enjoying land. We had a bit of an eventful morning with the anchor getting caught around some coral. The blame game was played, but the issue was easily resolved. We moved out deeper into the lagoon, but are now safely and securing back where we were at this time yesterday.

The entertainment onboard is limited to 4 channels. Channel 1 is land and all the goings on that there. Channel 2 is the beautiful blue lagoon. Channel 3 is the sky, and channel 4 is ourselves and each other on board. Tonight we got a full aquatic experience as we ate our dinner over the port side railing. There were mango, titiara, pakati, ume, e te maratea. Its the natural beauties like these, that give you a moment to appreciate the blessings in our lives.

Tonight will be as per usual. Wash the dishes before the sunsets, cards on for a few hours, before Cap goes to sleep, and then assume watch position at the bow of the vaka. The lagoon is almost glassy, with a slight breeze passing over. Fingers crossed that the rain stays away, and we can enjoy a dry and warm evening.

Tomorrow a group will once again head off to Motu Tou, to do the final bait laying and check the traps. From then on, we are slowly preparing for our departure back to raro. For now, rest assured that everyone is well fed, well sunkissed and enjoying what this place has to offer.

Nighty ra 

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