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Blog 1 from Yesterday – From Pounamu Tipiwai-Chambers – CIVS Crew
Eo koko!
After what seemed like a month-long build-up, we have finally left the shores of Rarotonga. I am happy to say that the view of the island disappearing behind us, brought all sorts of happiness and relief.
We sailed into a beautiful sunset off our port side, and later were blessed with a very starry night and growing Marama that was up until around 0200.
Today we had breakfast, lunch and dinner at sea, making it feel like the official first day on the big blue.
Weather conditions have been very light so far, with the occasional exciting scowl, making it an easier transition for those new crew on board. Slow sailing with light winds. It is yet again, a waiting game for the wind to pick up but there are good vibes all over, and everyone is in high spirits.
A tavake bird was spotted around midday today, reminding us that land is within arms reach- probably Aitutaki.
Pounamu Tipiwai-Chambers

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