Blog 4 – Suwarrow Voyage – Te Ipukarea Society – Rat Baiting Programme


Mystery Blog Writer – Blog 4 – Jun 11, 2022
Photo cred. Sei Photography

After a hectic night of wind and rain-filled squalls, we were reminded of the delightful challenges that come with the experiences of voyaging. We sighted land at about 0840 this morning, which brought a wave of relief and inner peace for some.

It was an awesome sight to see the birds flying overhead, as we approached the many motu that makeup Suwarrow. This is the first atoll that some of us on board have ever sailed into, so it was both thrilling and exciting as we entered into the turquoise/dark blue passage.

The last few hours have consisted of everyone slowly transitioning from life on the water, to some time on land. Food is being stashed into whatever containers we have onboard, and all the last-minute organizing is for the majority of the crew to head off to motu tou to start the rat baiting process. The team will be based on motu tou for three nights long. Camps on Cheechoo!!

You will hear from us once we have dropped some bait!
Laaaters, from a very tired but keen crew. Over and out

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