Blog 9 – Suwarrow Voyage – Te Ipukarea Society – Rat Baiting Programme



One of the biggest learnings, in my time with Vaka, is the art of patients. Whether it is the crew, preparation at either end or plain and simply the weather, you never know exactly when go time will be.

The campsite on Anchorage has been packed away, and departure processes on board have been activated. 7 of the 16 crew have headed back to Motu Tou for the final laying of rat bait, as well as checking of the traps that have been spread across Motu Kina 1 and 2. The wind has changed overnight, currently in our favor, however, the rat eradiation requires at least 2 more days here so we shall wait and see what comes of the next few days.

Another entertaining day on channel blue lagoon, with the sharks making the most of the scraps constantly being chucked overboard. I personally hadn’t been in the water for a few days, so made the most of the downtime after lunch and went for a bit of a cruise. The underwater world forever blows me away with the different colours, formations, and marine life. We played a game of would you rather, fly or breath underwater, and not a doubt I would be underwater for as long as I could if I got the chance to breathe. Swimming in shark-filled water definitely adds a bit of thrill that I will never forget.

Dinner is currently being cooked, with all sorts of Deon Wong special smells going on. There is also a cake in the oven, so fingers crossed the right ingredients were added…

From what I have noticed, everyone has really enjoyed the balance of Vaka/land activities, but are definitely gearing up for the return to the open sea. We checked the sails to make sure everything is set and secure and did a bit of a tidy-up so everything is where it should be for when we get back out there.

For now, I am enjoying the slowness, because I know it won’t last much longer.

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