Day 11 – Tāua e Moana Voyage update


Kiaorana Tatau Katoatoa!

Wow where to start! Rarotonga-Aitutaki and now we’re on our way to Tongareva. It’s the 7th day sailing on the Ocean Sunday 27th 2021. My shift starts at 6am with Beaut clear skies, nice constant winds & travelling very well, I’m on the Oe keeping our course on HAKA which is 11’ east of North. With Good news from Cap we’ll be arriving today, Yayy finally freshwater showers for us ladies cause mate we are smelling fresh Lol 😂

Cap puts out the long line around 6:15am, BANG we’ve got a hit, I pulled us in a good size fish with Kane to gaff our catch onto the Vaka. “WAAAAHOOOOOO Yummy Fish for days” Meitaki Poria OCEAN 🙏🏽

With all this excitement going on we had all forgotten we are on Breakfast duties, So Continental it is quick easy and simple!

Iam so grateful to be apart of this Voyage & I’m loving the Programs with the kids they’re all so wonderful. Highlight for me so far is Learning how to use our star Compass, Thanks Cap for sharing your knowledge, Also to our Guidian angel of the Cook islands Teina Rongo thank you for your wealth of knowledge you share with everyone &

Meitaki maata no te apii mai iaku i toku reo Maori! 🙏🏽

Kitea kore ia te oonu i toku inangaro i teia angaanga teretere Vaka!

Peace & Love

Kura Happ 🌺

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