Day 12 – Tāua e Moana Voyage update

Kane’s Blog Monday 29th 2021
Kiaorana my name is Kane Heather I will be explaining my Marumaru Atua TAUA E MOANA Voyage from Aitutaki to Tongareva. 
When I finally arrived to Tongareva I found out that I had very close family from my grandmother’s side, they knew of me even before I got here it was so surprising.
The sea was very calm and the wind was very soft which made our trip a little bit slower but eventually made it to the island safely, I was so excited after 7days to finally see the beautiful island of Tongareva from the horizon. We arrived on a Sunday but couldn’t enter the habour on a holy day, so we waited out in the lagoon on our Vaka till Monday morning. 
The people of Tongareva was very kind and supported to us, they even feed us with real yummy island food. 
It’s like we are connected in a Cook Island traditional way which all Cook islanders accept 🙏🏽because Vaka sailing is our culture and in our blood.
Once I stepped foot on the island I went exploring. I even got to meet new young people and joined in on the afternoon volleyball competition. I had such a blast because I had the chance to play with and against my Korero Brothers Dauson, Petero & Pareau. After our intense game of volley we came back to our accommodation Omoka hall, we had some snacks and that’s it from me.
It has been an Epic Adventure and it’s one I’ll appreciate and never forget! Blessed 🙏🏽
Kane Heather

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