Day 2 Update – Tāua e Moana Voyage


Kia Orana,
Day 2 in Aitutaki, after a wet and thunderous night it was nice to be docked safely in Aitutaki harbour. The schools of Aituaki were supposed to come to the vaka this morning but because of wet weather we went to them.

Our team broke up into 3 stations each teaching something from the vaka. The kids of Aitutaki sure are a lot fun, they’re a boisterous and confident bunch.

One little guy from the Aitutaki sailing club taught me a thing or 2 about tying knots. Thank you to the Aitutaki Island council for hosting the crew for lunch and listening to our Kōrero. The weather has cleared now it’s time to get into our chores, dry the hulls and air out the sails.
Kia Orana Terii Pittman (crew) 

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