Daily Blog 17: Deon Wong

Kia orana tatou katoatoa, ite aroa maata o te Atua Toku ingoa ko D tane, no roto mai ite au iwi Ngati Kahungunu ki Heretaunga ko Ngati Raukawa I Nu tireni. 2215 – Thursday night – I rise from my slumber and head on deck. She pushes forward into the darkness, the helmsman guided by […]

Daily Blog 15 – Antony Vavia

Daily Blog 15: Antony Vavia Kia orana, bula Vinaka Day 17 out here at the moment at about 8-degrees north of the equator. I only recently realised that exactly five years ago marks my first voyage on Marumaru Atua. We had departed NZ on the 18th of May 2019, and arrived in Rarotonga on the […]

Daily Blog 14: Tuaine Ngametua

Kia orana, about our voyage 15 days as of today my first sailing from Raro to Hawaii on Marumaru Atua. Im happy to be a crew to work with other new crews and the ones being on Marumaru Atua. The Captain is great teaching us the life on the oceans and also ways our ancestors […]

Daily Blog 12: Zeb Revake

Kia orana and greetings from Marumaru Atua first of all thankyou lord for guiding and protecting us on the Journey thus far. id also like to thank the crew for putting there hand up and embarking on this long Voyage to this years pacific arts Festival in Hawaii. for some of them its been almost […]

Daily Blog 11: Roimata Rouru

Kia orana from Marumaru Atua Firstly thank you ma’ata Lord for looking after us on the vaka for this long trip. For the first time in my life I want to thank everyone back home for taking the time to say a pure for us. On this trip I’m learning more as I’ve began reading […]

Daily Blog 10: Daryl Ngaoire

Kia orana, day 10 now I have learnt a lot about sailing on the vaka. It’s a good experience for me as a first time long distance sailor. I also learnt how to steer the vaka on the right course by looking at the stars at night and also the sun. We’re all doing good […]

Daily Blog 9: Tutere Moetaua

Kua mataora au I te teretere mai na runga ite moana no te mea ka rauka iakoe ite aravei i toou au taeake tuketuke. kua rauka mai matou e rua ika i nanai i te Tapatri kua mataora. Mea kaimanga te katoatoa rava te manga e te vai. mataora tikai au te trip to Hawaii […]

Daily Blog 7: Hulu Nunokawa

our new hawaiian brother @kanehunamoku Since my earliest memories I have had an outright hatred of mosquitoes. This feeling has not been returned by winged tormentors who have always seemed to find me exceedingly delicious. They have hounded me across my entire existence and by the time we left Raro I had spent at least […]

Daily Blog 8: Moana Rakei

Kia orana Ko Moana Rakei toku ingoa I am so happy to participate in this trip going to Hawai’i. This is my first time to go to Hawaii and also going on a long trip on the vaka. I am very grateful to be part of this program. I have been away from my homeland […]

Daily Blog Day 6: Metua Mitchell. First Blue Water sail.

Nothing prepares you for this. Day 6 now and I’ve learnt a lot about the sea, the way clouds work and where the stars present themselves. From day 1 its been all about trying to get enough rest to maintain energy as we go. I feel like we have been eating like kings for the […]