Tāua e Moana Voyage1

Blog 1 – Ngā Pū Toru – Tāua e Moana Voyage

Blog 1 – Oliver Oolders of CIVS
A busy day, I arrived at the vaka at 8.30 am for the health check, before our briefing. It was a relaxing day, and grateful that the sail was delayed as we were able to smash out jobs that we had over looked and meant that we weren’t using the engines on our way to Atiu. We even had time to cook lasagna with Evangelene and Mahonrai for evening kai.
Tetini Pekepo came and spoke about the carving on the new manu- I didn’t realize that port side was female manu, and the carvings of the four waves represent the swells – the navigators look out for. It was a beautiful farewell blessing, with the nu.
We dropped the rauti into the water as we left the passage, hoping that they will return. We lifted the sails set out in north east direction.
Good vibes, people are comfortable, fully belly and ready for the sailing overnight.

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