Blog 12 – Ngā Pū Toru – Tāua e Moana Voyage

Blog 12 by Isaac Nio % Wale of Kōrero o te ‘Ōrau   Atawai!   Yesterday morning we arrived in nice Mangaiia. Most of our crew members went ashore but me, Pareu, Deon and Olie stayed aboard Te Marumaru Atua. As we watched the crew gap it, it was easy to see just how big […]

Blog 11 – Ngā Pū Toru – Tāua e Moana Voyage

A couple of our crew have been exploring around Mangaia before the Vaka arrives (today). Tangi ke, Tangi ke, Kia orana kotou! Bernadette and Helene here from CIVS in Mangaia. The sun is out here and the wind is howling in the beautiful enua of Mangaia we’ve been Koka around the island twice and it’s […]

Blog 9 – Ngā Pū Toru – Tāua e Moana Voyage

Day 9 – Kia Orana from Akatokamanava! On Tuesday, we arrived to a breathtaking welcome and kiriti marōtai ceremony from our beautiful people. It was an awesome homecoming for me and Captain Peia Patai – sons of this island of our ancestor ‘Uke. After settling in, our Tāua e Moana team of freedivers had the opportunity […]

Blog 6 – Ngā Pū Toru – Tāua e Moana Voyage

Kia orana tatou katoatoa I teia ra manea, E akameitaki matou no te ki o te moana.  This teretere Vaka (vaka journey) was inspired by the theme “taua e Moana”.  To me this describes the relationship that we have with sea and the ocean.  Sailing on the ocean for me is one way to be […]

Blog 5 – Ngā Pū Toru – Tāua e Moana Voyage

Tāua e Moana Voyage (1)

Kia Orana, Blog 5 today by Sandra of CIVS   My Taua e moana trip na pu toru started a little different than my trip to the northern group. I didn’t jump on Marumaru Atua in Rarotonga, I flew into Mitiaro to meet the Vaka. When I woke up early morning I was all excited […]

Blog 4 – Ngā Pū Toru – Tāua e Moana Voyage

atiu cook islands

Blog 4 by Terena Koteka-Wiki of Te Ipukarea Society – TIS   Atiu enuamanu you have left me in awe with an overwhelmingly beautiful welcome and feast for all the crew onboard vaka marumaru atua!   Today, we had the opportunity to share a wealth of knowledge about our oceans to the students of Apii […]

Blog 3 – Ngā Pū Toru – Tāua e Moana Voyage

Tāua e Moana Voyage

Blog 3 from Zebadiah Revake of CIVS and his first Voyage   Drifting off the coast of Atiu, the electric blues and turquoise blues of the ocean are mesmerizing.   The wind curls down over the land and around where we are just drifting in the lee of the island – while I am sitting […]

Blog 2 – Ngā Pū Toru – Tāua e Moana Voyage

Tāua e Moana Voyage (2)

Blog 2 – Konini Rongo from Kōrero o te ‘Ōrau    The overnight sail to Atiu was a bit on the rough side for us new voyagers, but okay for our seasoned sailors. This experience has been very eye-opening and exhilarating! I have enjoyed both the practical and theoretical side of our voyage so far. […]

Blog 1 – Ngā Pū Toru – Tāua e Moana Voyage

Tāua e Moana Voyage1

Blog 1 – Oliver Oolders of CIVS A busy day, I arrived at the vaka at 8.30 am for the health check, before our briefing. It was a relaxing day, and grateful that the sail was delayed as we were able to smash out jobs that we had over looked and meant that we weren’t […]