Blog 12 – Ngā Pū Toru – Tāua e Moana Voyage

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Blog 12 by Isaac Nio 💯% Wale of Kōrero o te ‘Ōrau
Yesterday morning we arrived in nice Mangaiia. Most of our crew members went ashore but me, Pareu, Deon and Olie stayed aboard Te Marumaru Atua. As we watched the crew gap it, it was easy to see just how big the swells had become in comparison to yesterday’s flat seas.
I was on shift for the next 3 hours and as soon as I was done, I went to sleep. My next shift was at midnight. By this time, it raining and also cold. My watch teams’ job was to stop the Vaka from drifting too far out. It was easy to do this because the water was much calmer than earlier that day.
I finally came on land today (Sunday) in time for church. The service was mean.

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